Who we are

NS Textile Corporation was established in 2013, it employs over 220, with an annual production capacity of 15 million pieces of Turkey’s largest apparel manufacturer.

NS Örme Tekstil company, which includes 150 personnel, is a large family.

Specializing in the production of high quality fabrics, NS Tekstil has 4 factories, 2 stores and 3 showrooms in different regions.

What we do


Fully automatic yarn production is carried out in our facility.

  • 250 tons of colored yarn production capacity that can be processed monthly
  • 85 staff, 3 shift system


There are 14 dyeing machines in our facility.

  • Organic dyeing methods
  • 600 tons of fabric dyeing monthly


Our facility employs 6 printing machines and 42 staff.

  • 500m2 production capacity per day
  • Double quality control system
  • Export to 5 countries
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